Working out at home is the ideal solution to save time and train in comfort. Treadmills are a great way to keep fit and lose weight. What does the treadmill train? And how to choose the best treadmill and the right exercises? Technogym designed MYRUN,the intelligent home treadmill to help improve your running.


MYRUN is a compact running machine, which has won many design awards. The minimalistic design will perfectly suit most interiors. This professional quality treadmill is big on features and small in size. MYRUN is also easy to set up and use. Designed to be set up in just a matter of minutes, it can be unboxed, assembled and ready for you to start running with the touch of a button. Look here for the treadmill mounting instructions.
MYRUN is a silent treadmill that offers a smooth and quiet run, even at 12.4 mph! It also has a maximum incline of 12%, perfect for training for runs and overall cardio conditioning. The MYRUN home treadmill offers a realistic running experience which also has an adaptive running surface. This means the treadmill surface absorbs impact without slowing you down. In addition, it dampens the force, making it kind to joints by providing the rebound you need to keep your running momentum.
Technology: treadmill with app
MYRUN was designed to be used with the MYRUN App. MYRUN's app allows you to create customized training programs based on fitness goals. The built-in screen of the treadmill gives the basic running information but when synced up to a tablet via a built-in Bluetooth connection, you can download the MYRUN APP to make use of all the features. You can learn how to improve your running technique thanks to the running rate index. Finding motivation to run on the treadmill is easier with MYRUN, thanks to RUNNING MUSIC that selects songs from your own playlist that are best suited to the rhythm of your run.
Warranty and delivery
MYRUN by www.o0jd.cnes with two-year warranty as standard. The Installation and assembly process was designed to be easy, you can request transportation and installation directly at online purchase. For any information about the product or how to use it, Technogym provides a telephone or online support service.
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MYRUN TECHNOGYM is more than a treadmill. It is the first solution for running that seamlessly integrates a
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