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Customers can experience total freedom of movement with the ARKE line. The ARKE line offers countless training possibilities to inspire, motivate and assist users of all fitness levels.

Virtually countless training possibilities

The ARKE? line is an ideal solution for trainers who want to equip and expand their functional training areas. These diverse, progressive and stylish tools are perfectly suited to most everyone's needs. The ARKE line offers countless training possibilities to inspire, motivate and assist users of nearly all fitness levels, as well as to maintain a healthy customer base.

Unique to this line

Tha Arke range - Complete freedom of movement

Complete freedom of movement

The ARKE tools help to improve coordination, stability, balance, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, and reaction time, as well as cardiovascular and respiratory capacity. In addition to guaranteeing excellent results quickly, these diverse and progressive tools are perfectly suited to users of all ability levels.

The Arke range - On-site training program

On-site training program

In addition to the on-site training program, the ARKE package also includes the Movement Guide and Visual Learning Kit DVD, which contains 265 exercises, 40 progressions, and 7 different routines for training program ideas.There are even up-skill training programs for staff members, as well as ready-made routines to help introduce members to the ARKE line.

The Arke range - Elegant display

Elegant display

In order to maximize the functional environment, the ARKE kit also comes complete with an elegant and harmonious display that renders the equipment extremely easy to use. Two versions: The Wall Set Holder and the Floor Set Holder, each of which guarantees an attractive and safe functional environment.

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