Yellow: the properties, benefits and meanings behind the most powerful colour


6 '

Intermittent fasting: what is its real effect on the body and how should you do it? The floor to the expert

7 '

Donald Crowhurst: story of an impossible battle on the waves between heroism and mythomania

Editor's choice

20 '

Power and control, the winning formula of Dr Ceccarelli's scientific research in Formula 1

7 '

Sebastiano Poma and the decisive moment in baseball

14 '

7 technologically advanced meters that help to improve the performance of athletes

3 '

Technogym supports the finalists of the Ski World Cup Andorra with Group Cycle


6 '

Technogym presents club 4.0 at IHRSA 2019

2 '

Marlou van Rhijn chooses Technogym for her athletic training

4 '

TECHNOGYM LIVE: your favourite fitness classes on demand, at home

3 '

Technogym Official Supplier to Team Luna Rossa Challenge for the 36th America's Cup with the Skill Line and TOP Excite

3 '

Technogym opens two new boutiques in Moscow

4 '

PGA TOUR chooses Technogym to outfit new innovative mobile fitness centres

Training Floor

32 '

Is aerobic exercise the best choice for those who want to lose weight?

17 '

The importance of functional training and core workout in the improvement of the Athletic performance

9 '

5 powerful tests to evaluate cardiorespiratory fitness in football

10 '

Knee injury in golf


7 '

New Zealand pursues the wellness of its citizens with the Wellbeing Budget

7 '

The story of gymnast Katelyn Ohashi and the importance of doing what we really like

5 '

The art of letting go: when detachment leads to well-being

15 '

What does the 2019 World Championship of Formula 1 reserve us

6 '

Home cycling: training in the comfort of your own home

7 '

Solo travel: travelling alone to find yourself

Let's Move For a Better World

3 '

Let’s Move for a Better World 2019: make a difference and join the movement

6 '

10 things you should know about obesity

14 '

Let's Move for a Better World, the health club industry to the rescue!

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Let’s Move For a Better World 2019: join the social cause campaign

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